Our Philosophy

The number one stressor of our bodies is gravity. How we hold and move our bodies in gravity is posture. In nature, form and function are inextricably linked, having a reciprocal relationship. Most muscle and joint pain has its origin in soft tissues that are shortened and tight or weak. Your posture (form) directly affects how you feel, stand, recline and move (function).

Symmetry in your posture is the ultimate goal, placing the joints of the body in the optimal and efficient position and making movement in gravity easier and pain-free.

How Symmetry BodyWorks Helps You Achieve Better Health

Symmetry BodyWorks and YOU the client, actively work together to make changes to the soft tissues to improve the posture and these tissues, by their nature, can respond and change until the day we die.

Symmetry BodyWorks uses a comprehensive approach to improve posture and eliminate pain via postural analysis, deep tissue massage, myofascial stretching, and client education regarding active stretching and strengthening. Client participation is vital in creating and maintaining changes in the soft tissues to improve posture and eliminate pain.

Massage has long been a passive means to relax the nervous system, the mind and to celebrate human touch, a birthright designed for all. While gravity affects the body from the outside, our mind is the number one stressor of the body from the inside.

Massage therapy can be an excellent tool in (re)learning how to relax. Generally, the therapy, besides the calming, slow and rhythmical massage strokes, consists of the therapist simply “giving space” to the client. However, if there is a desire to learn how to actively engage in more relaxation, specific breathing, meditative and visualization techniques may be shared.