Massage Services

Symmetry BodyWorks is a mobile service coming to your home or office.

If that venue is not right for you, other arrangements may be made. Most sessions are one hour in length with additions in ½ hour increments if desired.

The terms Massage and Bodywork are used to denote distinctions of intention, goals and dynamics. Generally, massage is for relaxation, de-stressing and is passive, at least on the physical level. Bodywork is intended to create change in the body including pain relief, better posture and performance of movement. Bodywork requires a cooperation and active participation of both practitioner and client.


Posture-oriented, deep tissue massage designed to your individual structure, working with you to make corrective changes. Clients are active participants and are provided information and strategies to use outside the session.

One Hour: $90.00


Generally for relaxation, pressure maybe light or firm though some time may be given to some trigger point work if desired.

One Hour $80.00

In-Office Chair Massage

15-minute chair massage perfect for employee incentives or special events. Minimum of four required.

Price TBD